Texas Pikes Announce PIKE FEST 2017, Saturday April 29

pike fest

Texas Pikes Announce PIKE FEST 2017, Saturday April 29

Texas Pike Philanthropy Chairman Nick Thompson ’16 is leading the launch of a new #Pike charity music festival. This music festival — being dubbed PIKE FEST – is intended to extend Pike’s philanthropy efforts through this new annual signature charitable event.

The 12 hour music festival and Pike House lawn party’s profits will benefit pediatric cancer research through contributions to The St. Jude Foundation and The Taylor Trudeau Cycle for Life Foundation (a Pike national philanthropy, affiliated with UT’s MD Anderson Cancer Center). The event will feature rapper Chief Keef as well as Pike’s own singer/songwriters Tyler Dial and Ryan Salata.

PIKE FEST funds will be generated through corporate sponsorships, private donations and ticket sales. Sponsor donations and attendee wristbands can be made through: https://www.gofundme.com/fundraiser-cancer-charity-event

To learn more about the event please see: https://www.texaspikefest.com